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Imperfect Positive Parenting (iPP) Coaching Program

Do you feel overwhelmed as a parent?

  • Has parenting during the pandemic made life harder than you could have ever imagined?

  • Have life’s challenges made it difficult for you to create the time you desire to dedicate to your child(ren) in a way that is satisfying to you

  • Do you want to build a stronger bond with your child?

If so, then PNC’s parent coaching is right for you. Through PNC’s 1-on1 or group parent coaching I will work with you to identify and develop the skills you desire to be the parent your child(ren) needs. No parent is perfect, but understanding how imperfect positive parenting can help you reach your desired goal of having a fun, peaceful, and positive relationship with your child is key. To request a free consultation click here.

Parent Coaching Consultation Form
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