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Caregiver & Parent Webinar Series

Sponsored by the Los Angeles Trade Tech College Foster Kinship Care Education Program

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Meet the Training Facilitator:
Kim Faulkner-Camacho,
Parent Consultant & Founder
of Positive Note Consulting LLC

Special Note: You DO NOT have to attend every session to receive a certificate.

In this webinar series we will cover

Parent & Caregiver
Wellness 911

Thursday 11/17/22

Do you find yourself putting everyone else's needs above your own? If so, then you're not alone. Parents and Caregivers need love too. It seems that an emergency is something urgent that requires your immediate attention. Well, if you're not participating in regular wellness activities, then consider the need for self-care in your life an emergency. Join us as we discuss the importance of parent wellness and how to love yourself the same way you make sacrifices and pour love into others. Learn practical tips on implementing self-care into your
routine without breaking the bank.

Adjusting to Newness

Tuesday 11/22/22

Have you ever entered a new circle of friends, a new job, a new neighborhood, or another environment and felt out of place? Were you confused about what to do, whom to trust, or how to interact with others? If so, join us as we discuss ways to help children adjust to new environments. Children need to feel safe and supported to comfortably adjust to newness, whether it's a new home, team, or school. Join us as we hold discussions and learn practical ways to help children transition into new spaces.

Connect Before You Correct

Thursday 12/1/22

Growing up, were you taught it's the adult's way or no way? Have you ever had a new boss, a nosey neighbor, or a bossy classmate try to tell you what to do, and you think to yourself, "You don't even know me?" If so, imagine how some kids feel when an adult tries to correct their challenging behavior but doesn't have a real relationship with them. Some kids will listen, while others might think, "But you don't know me." Join us as we hold discussions and learn about practical ways adults can connect before they correct a child in need and work towards building positive relationships with children living in their homes.

Building Kids' Positive Mental Health to Invest in Their Emotional Wealth

Tuesday 12/6/22

When adults don't feel well, many of them can use a sick day, turn off their phones, don't answer the door, and choose not to be around others. Unfortunately, children don't have the same choices, but some of them have some of the same challenges. When kids don't know how to express or identify their mental health needs, they
tend to come out in the form of behavior challenges or go unnoticed. Join us as we discuss children's mental health needs and how to build positive mental health and invest in their emotional wealth.


Don't keep this a secret. Invite friends, family members, or a special friend to attend this very special training series event!

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