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Positive Note Consulting


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Positive Note Consulting (PNC) is a business designed to support families, organizations, and others with the healthy development and positive achievements of children. 


The goal of PNC is to support parents through networking, coaching, training, and working together to create a more positive environment for children. Some of those environments include homes, schools, and other settings where children want and need to thrive. PNC believes that the best way to support parents is to create a space where they do not feel judged or compared to others because everyone's stories and situations are different. 


Using the "It Takes a Village" framework of understanding, PNC aims to help families identify circles of support, create goals, build and strengthen relationships, and create opportunities that lead to more positive outcomes for tomorrow's leaders a.k.a. our children.

My Purpose - My Passion - My Pursuit

Happy Boy


My purpose in all that I do is to inspire and uplift my children and others to be their best even when it
seems impossible. I believe that with positive guidance, love, words of encouragement, and a caring
adult who believes in them, children can thrive in almost any environment.

Technology Class


I am passionate about improving the lives and educational outcomes for all youth, especially those who are historically underrepresented. I am passionate about helping children, parents, caregivers, and educators create positive environments designed for children to thrive. 

In the Classroom


My pursuit is to reach the hearts and minds of adults working with young people by helping them advocate, educate, and positively guide children. My pursuit is to work with families and educators to create breakthroughs for youth impacted by trauma as they work to overcome barriers one day and one supporter at a time.

Kids Running

iParent Program

Check out PNC's parenting classes,
workshops, and one-on-one coaching

to support parents.


Experience You Can Trust


Check out PNC's services for  organizations to assist
with the development of effective,
positive trauma-informed programs

for youth.

Parents and Caregivers

Community Organizations

For information about parent
support, K-12 education, college
counseling, mental health supports,
and additional resources click here.

 For resources to assist community organizations with student wellness click here. 

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